Power Trimming/Weed Eating Your Lawn

Power Trimming/Weed Eating Your Lawn

If you’re chronically running into your garden, fence or a tree with your lawn mower just to get to the grass, it has probably sustained a lot of damage and left a lot of grass untouched. To avoid these problems, owning or renting a weed eater can help you. Here are some tips for effectively weed eating your lawn:

Beware the string…or cord

Weed eaters work by using a nylon string to cut through the vegetation. Needless to say, you don’t want that whipping against your leg as well. For safety precautions, wear long pants for something to stop the cord and eye protection in case something flies up. If you have a corded weed eater, make sure the excess cord is always behind you so the cord isn’t getting hit by the nylon string.

Keep it level

Be sure to hold the weed eater at a level to where it’s cutting the grass at the same level at which you cut the lawn. Dipping too deep can hurt your grass and the equipment.

Watch for debris
Things such as rocks should be avoided at all costs because they can damage your nylon string quickly. If it does get damaged and/or it’s getting too short, there should be a button to press and you can pull more string out. If your string has run out, someone at your local hardware store should be able to help you replace it.