Product Info

Bobcat E32i Excavator

  • Manufacturer: Bobcat
  • Model Number: E32i

Featuring our newer, larger excavator! With advanced hydraulics, an economical engine, and a quiet cab, the Bobcat® E32i compact excavator is an ideal machine if you frequently pass through doors, gates or other tight spaces.

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Auto Idle: Automatically idles the engine when machine functions are not used for four seconds and returns to normal operating throttle when operation resumes.

Selectable Control Pattern: Easily change between "excavator" and "backhoe" control patterns.

Fingertip Swing Control: Rocker-style thumb switch improves metering of the boom swing function and provides more floor space.

Blade Float: Simplify grading, leveling and backfilling. Smoothly finish your work with minimal operator input using the blade float.