Product Info

J36B65 Multiquip trowel

J36B65 Multiquip trowel

  • Manufacturer: Multiquip, Inc.
  • Model Number: J36B65

Our most popular mid-size trowel. Reliability and performance are trademarks of this industry-proven trowel. Vanguard 200 engine comes with a cyclonic air cleaner system, optimized starting down to -20F and extended service maintenace intervals

36-inch (915 mm) guard ring diameter
 Trowel covered by 1-year limited warranty, Vanguard engine covered by 3 + 1 year commercial warranty
 Front access panel provides quick access to trowel arms and blades
Center mount lifting bale included
Spider and thrust collar assembly design simplifies routine maintenance
Gearbox features top quality components & large oil capacity for years of trouble-free performance
Optimally balanced for smooth finishing
Handles available with either QuickPitch or Standard (knob type) pitch control

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Unit Specifications

Clutch TypeCentrifugal
No. of Blades4
Ring Diameter36 in914.4 mm
Rotor Speed60-115 RPM
Handle OptionsSXH

Dimensions & Weights

Overall Length70 in1789 mm
Overall Width36 in915 mm
Overall Height41 in1044 mm
Operating Weight184 lb83.4 kg
Shipping Weight182 lb82.5 kg