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Stihl SHA 56 Shredder Vac / Blower

Stihl SHA 56 Shredder Vac / Blower

  • Manufacturer: Stihl
  • Model Number: SHA56

Featuring a blade brake clutch and a mono-comfort handlebar that allows for convenient, unobstructed access to the polymer grass bag, the STIHL RM 655 VS is a durable mower ideal for homeowners. The handlebar folds flat for convenient storage or maintenance, and the polymer grass bag directs air and dust away from the operator. The blade brake clutch system allows you to stop the blade without needing to restart the engine to remove obstacles in the mowing path during intermittent stops. The Vario Drive self-propel system enables you to select your ground speed. The STIHL RM 655 VS gives you powerful performance and convenience.

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